Bob’s Burgers LIVE!


Bringing Burger Brothers Together. This year, the Belchers will be bringing their burger production out of the restaurant and across the country. The cast and crew from the show will be doing convention panel-like shows around the country with comedy acts and fan Q&As. Details below.

We’re taking this show on the road. Bob’s Burgers Live 2015!
BOB’S BURGERS LIVE! will feature the talented voice cast of the hit animated series, including H. Jon Benjamin (“Bob Belcher”), Kristen Schaal (“Louise Belcher”), Eugene Mirman (“Gene Belcher”), Dan Mintz (“Tina Belcher”) and John Roberts (“Linda Belcher”), along with creator and executive producer Loren Bouchard. Performances will include a raucous and lively mix of stand-up comedy, fan Q&A, a live BOB’S BURGERS table read and an exclusive sneak peek at upcoming episodes.

Zany animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers is going from the small screen to the theater stage for the exciting new Bob’s Burgers Live tour. Ticket buyers will be treated to an evening of stand-up performances from show creator Loren Bouchard as well as comedy veterans H. Jon Benjamin, Kristen Schaal, Eugene Mirman, Dan Mintz and John Roberts — or, as they’re better known, the Belcher family. The evening will also include several animated vignettes, a script reading, and an audience Q&A. For fans of the show, this promises to be a unique and laughter-filled way to get to know the people behind the voices and characters that have made the show so consistently hilarious.


Bob’s Burgers is the brainchild of animator Loren Bouchard, who also created beloved animated shows Lucy the Daughter of the Devil and Home Movies (with co-creator Brendan Small). H. Jon Benjamin and his inimitable voice have been involved prominently with all three shows, along with roles on Archer and Family Guy. Joining Benjamin on stage are cast members Kristen Schaal (The Daily Show), Eugene Mirman (Delocated), John Roberts (guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), and Dan Mintz (guest on Mulaney), who add even more humor and talent to the mix for an uproarious, must-see evening.

Update: Looks like they already sold out.

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